Tera Sundri Kaur presents…

The Temple of the Golden Goddess


Does this sound like you?...

Enmeshed in Superwoman Syndrome.

Juggling the house, family, lover, day job, and social expectations feels like an inescapable Rite of Passage you’re not sure you asked for.

The Fixer.  The Sounding Board.  The Martyr.

A slave to the needs of everyone, you’re a 24 hour in-house therapist with no therapist’s couch to rest your head on.

Jammed in the role of Housewife by Default.

You’re careening down the slippery slope of the status quo life, gagged and bound by the guilt and shame of wanting more. Barefoot in the kitchen with a pretty 50’s apron isn’t the version of womanhood you thought you signed up for.

Good Girl to Resentful Raging Rebel… the pendulum swings wildly.

You crave liberation from perfectionist people-pleasing. You want to scream, “F#CK THIS SH#T!” and do it your way… if only you knew what that way was.

All bank accounts point to —> Starving Artist

And the creative well has run as bone-dry as your long-gone libido and sensual self-confidence.


Numbed by the daily grind of your life, there is an inexplicable seething rage of resentment bubbling beneath the surface. You choke on the unqualified anger, unable to articulate with any confidence how you feel- which is suffocated by confusion and isolation.


“I have a good life. A good partner. A house. A job. Food in the fridge.
WTF is my problem?!”


Having morphed into the Unfun Mum, you’re tormented by the nagging voice that you’re royally f*cking up your kids.
Your partnership is on auto-pilot. There is love, but you “have a headache” at bedtime more often than not.

As time goes by, it is exceedingly hard to express the quicksand you’re in.  No matter how fast you move, how hard you work to do what everyone else is doing… you cannot escape the suffocating pit of boredom and repetition.

You tell yourself you’re too sensitive, too emotional, too dramatic.

No one else seems to have this hidden hysteria within them… how could you possibly bring this up over a coffee date with your bestie?


The Truth (with a capital “T”) is that we all came in with powerful intentions to create a life of love, clarity, peace, and connection. We just got a little lost along the way.

Tera Sundri-3.jpg

You are not broken.
You are not hysterical.
And you didn’t f*ck anything up.

The jewels and gifts needed to manifest that life of love, clarity, peace, and connection are within you, it is simply a matter of stripping away the layers of limiting stories and beliefs to get to them.

And here is where I come in…

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Hi there! I’m Tera Sundri, and I’m what I like to call a “Soul Destiny Doula.”

The magic is in YOU. The Goddess that you ARE has all of the answers.

I use my channeling & coaching expertise, combined with my background and training to support you with tools you can use to re-align you with that magic.
You can read more
about me and the tools I use here (but please, keep reading this page if you’re at all resonating!)

(Tera Sundri’s) reading for me was accurate, beautiful, and incredibly comforting. There are few readers that I would turn to in a spiritual crisis... but she is number one on my list (....)
— Raven Magill

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a thousands-year old technology. Consisting of breath, sacred sound, dynamic movement, and deep rest, it aids the practitioner in having an embodied experience of who we are beneath our stories and belief patterns.

This yogic technology allows for a strengthening of the nervous system. We are supported in moving beyond the automatic fight-flight-freeze patterns of survival, experiencing and embodying the reality that we are safe in this moment. Additionally, we are taught to relax fully and deeply, as opposed to numbing out and repressing our exhaustion.

Kundalini Yoga benefits the endocrine system, oxygenates the body, and over time it builds our intuitive capacities.

For more on Kundalini Yoga, go here.


Yoga Prescription

Consistency is key.
The “trick” to finding your way back to the innate power, peace, and prosperity that you already are takes grit, stamina, and a willingness to commit.

Tera Sundri-2 SM.jpg

Most people want to feel a sense of ease and grace in their body, and they want to be able to ride out the challenges of life with a deep sense of trust that outweighs any anxiety or fear.
Most people want riches, clarity of purpose, and a deeper connection with their lover.

However, it is also true that most people don’t necessarily want to commit to the work it takes to accomplish those things.

The path doesn’t have to be difficult. But it won’t always be easy, either. The question is, will you stick it out to know what is on the other side?
The alternative is what you’ve likely come to be quite familiar with: drama, constrictive depression, anxiety, comparing and contrasting yourself to others, and burying your mediocre happiness or pain with food or Netflix.

Strengthening the nervous system and re-wiring the subtle paths to accessing the Soul lead us to sublime joy and expansive freedom. Are you ready?!


The Invitation

Our habits define us. Meaning, as Souls we are pure. But on a human level, we all have demoting and promoting habits.

A habit is a chain reaction of events set off at a subconscious level, and they are mostly connected to the trauma and beliefs we carry- conscious and not. When we use Kundalini Yoga, we re-wire those habits at a psycho-neuro-endocrine level. We dig in beneath the level of conscious awareness, and tackle the muck of the subconscious mind before it can spill over into our every reaction.

Finding a routine- a sadhana- for yourself is a powerful way to begin to cultivate the habit of self-care as more than a nice idea or something to do when you’re at your wits’ end.

Want to hear more?

I’m opening my calendar for some 1:1 obligation-free heart-to-hearts.
I’ll hear where you’re at and share with you where I see your energetic blocks in place so that you have a map to begin to move forward.

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