You Are a Channel

You're a Channel.

Yeah.  I said it.  You are a potential channel of the Divine.  Of divine healing, divine love, divine messages, divine creator of connections.

You're a channel when you're in the flow of creating.  When you are feeling so passionately about spreading a message of light, or reminding someone of their beautiful worth.  When you have a message to share that is the salve to someone's grief and wounding.  When you have a stance to take on choosing love, of choosing interconnectedness.  When you are in a position to speak the words that someone else so badly needed to hear.  When you can share the story of someone that, until now, has been untold or remained buried in the past.

Art is mediumship.  It is the telling of stories, the release and expression of energies needing to move.  Artists are channels.

Know why that song really and truly moved you?  Spoke to your Soul?  Gave you goosebumps?  Made you cry with sweet release?  Made you feel as if it was your story?  That musician, that artist was channeling.  Spirit knew you needed those words, that melody, that expression.  Same goes with visual art.  Dance.  Poetry.  Theatre.  Film.  Blogging.  Journaling.

And guess what?  We're all artists, on some level.  We've all performed, written, sang, danced.  Even if it was just in the dark for the healing and expression of our own Souls.

Mediumship, channeling-- they are not some mystical, mysterious actions of a select privileged few.  

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I've also experienced my fair share of bullying within the mediumship community, and I felt it was my turn to speak to some of that.  Another post on that here...  

Let's have a great big Amen for beautiful clear conduits of the Divine, everywhere.

Sat Nam.