Consider It a Thought

I am on a journey of deepening my meditation practice, and then fully committing to that process without knowing where it will take me.  In other words, no goals except making it on my mat for a set amount of time every damn day.

I'll be, naturally, allowing whatever inspiration or lessons come up to be used in my writing (I was already doing that anyhow), but I've also decided that I may occasionally hop on camera to share as well, in short video blog format, as I feel called.

Upon graduating from Yoga Teacher Training this past winter, my teacher Sat Dharam wrote to me, "Your commitment to beauty, humility, passion and creativity, and ability to generate and inspire community will magnetize others to learn and heal with you."  So I suppose really, that's what my work has been of late!  By being authentic about where I am, and not hiding my "flaws," I hope to teach as I heal.  "May I be of service," always being my prayer.