Creative Killjoy

Everything you do is creative.  Or has the capacity to be.  

It goes beyond the obvious creative story writing, painting, acting, photography, etc.

Everything you do is potentially creative because you have a voice, an expression, a point of view that is unique.  No one is going craft an email like you do.  No one is going to plate a meal, plant a garden, arrange a vase of flowers, decorate an alter or arrange furniture like you do.  

Even the act of making a bed could be creative.  Though I wouldn't know about that one.

Whatever it is, it hasn't be done through your vessel and your voice.  Screw innovation and just put your spin on it.

So what is it that has us think that we're only creative, we're only artists, if we can support ourselves solely on our art?  

Talk about pressure, talk about killjoy, talk about writer's block.  

If you're only ever going to create if you can make a buck from it, you may as well say sayanora to a million brilliant sparks of ideas that might very well save someone's life or serve the world in some way.  How could you possibly know what is a rich idea?  And who says "rich" has to mean money?

Create because it brings you an abundance of joy, an abundance of light.  Create because it brings you an abundance of healing, of cathartic release.  Create because it brings you an abundance of connections to those who needed to hear/see/feel your art.

Create because it is service to your Soul, and by extension, a service to the world at large.

When you create from a space of just wanting to because you need to, not because you feel your audience will owe you for it, then you free yourself from limitation/expectation/obligation.  And your audience will feel freed from limitation/expectation/obligation.  

We could all use a little more freedom from limitation/expectation/obligation, yeah?

This isn't about giving it all away for free, and it's not about turning down opportunities to make money, or money being "unspiritual."  It's just about understanding that if you're a human, then you ARE a creative being.  And you're meant to USE that ability, and money shouldn't be your driving force.  

Be who you came here to be, and let all forms of abundance follow that.


Want to experience some creative freedom, for free?  Local to Norfolk County Ontario?  
Come and visit me Saturday August 4th at noon until 1pm at the Community Stage of the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival.  I'll be sharing some efficient and potent practices to free up and feel into your creative potential.

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Laura Biddle is a former birth-worker, yoga teacher, writer, student herbalist, and musician in the making.  She lives in Norfolk County Ontario with her partner of 13 years and their three children.  Laura is most passionate about educating and reminding others of the interconnection of all things.  Find more from her and her offerings at