Fixing It

One of the most obvious ways my woundings show up for me is in my relationship with my children.  Which isn't to say that we have a terrible connection.  It's to say that I feel a gap between what I know to be true, and how I behave with them.

Parenting is probably one of the biggest opportunities to take a long hard look in the mirror.  To see what it is within us that is calling for acknowledgment.  Children press all buttons, tell the truth, and are relentless with their expectation that we show up in love for them.  And as parents, it's our job not to be perfect, but to stay as present as possible so that we can show them to keep doing the same.  Through all of this, we're given so many opportunities to heal our childhood wounds.

I've been honest about pieces of my relationships with my kids in the past.  They've been my greatest teachers, and my life has dramatically shifted each time one of them came earth side.

In this video blog, I share an insight gleaned from my journey of committing to 2 hours of meditation a day.  It was a big one, as this wound ran particularly deep.