No Means F'ing NO: Standing in the Warrior Goddess Power

In the wake of the “Me Too” movement, I am calling for a continued uprising of fiery take-no-shit Divine Feminine Love.

I read a local newspaper article that still has me boiling.

I use my rage as an indicator that something is out of alignment

Yet another teacher is being charged with sexual assault and other such charges. For inappropriate conduct with a student.

This is the 3rd time recently that a local teacher is under investigation.

…So what the fuck is out of alignment?! This is what I ask myself as I am triggered into deep, deep, Mother Tiger anger.

Truthfully, Sisters, it is probably a number of things out of alignment. Mostly a series of traumas has people behaving in ways that are inappropriate, dangerous, damaging, and fearful. Mostly these people feel unloved and out of control, and this has them reaching to manipulate outside circumstances to gain what they perceive to be lacking.

When we are in alignment with who we ACTUALLY are, there is no need to be a predator.

When we are in alignment with who we are, we are attuned to our intuition, which means that we are more likely to get a hit that something is off. Whether that be in our environment, or in the environment of those we are caretakers of.

Let me be crystal lucid clear: the abused is NEVER in the wrong. Ever.

But if we want to shift this monstrous bullshit, our responsibility lies with ourselves. We cannot change another person. But we CAN clear our traumatic beliefs and stories, stand in our Holy Divine Unstoppable Power and teach our kids to do the same. We can teach them about what intuition is, how to honour it, and how to speak up should someone not honour who they are.

If you have endured abuse, whether or not you’ve shared it, come to terms with it, blamed yourself, questioned whether it was abuse or not, felt shame or fear around it, still can’t talk about it, still feel angry, or feel fully resolved, I LOVE YOU. I love you so so so much. I am glad you are here, and I honour your infinite wisdom beneath the very distorted stories told internally and externally around what went down.

It is time to come home to ourselves, so we can stand steady, fierce, and with love in that energy. So we can educate our kids. Our daughters. Our sons. Healing begins and continues with deep, deep, unconditional self-love.