Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Change the Effing Channel

This be one of them deep breath, feet on the ground, mouth open wide, Tough Love streams of consciousness.

This be one of them Wake the Eff Up, Get the Eff Up, and Get On With It Already speeches.

And it was birthed, as is typical for me, from one of my own experiences.

The last while for me was a chaotic dumping of insights in the form of painful and a seemingly embarrassing influx of memories.

That seems to be how the awakening process goes for me: I’m feeling relatively okay, I have a grasp on what I’m doing or what I think I want, I’m grateful, and then I make a comment or have a thought about being ready for “more,” and in comes the funnel of “Are You Ready for This?!”


This time it was because I’d made a promise to myself to begin to really own my worth. Namely in the financial spectrum of abundance, but as it turns out, one cannot help but clear out worthiness stories all along the spectrum when one chooses to name one facet of it. That’s just how it goes.

Believe me, you can think you’re clear on your voice, your truth, and that you’re an empowered femme. But there is always another level to expand to. (It’s beautiful, really, this work, because it’s infinite).

I’ve realized, in coming face-to-face with the untruths I’ve chosen to take on around money and my ability to earn it, that I’ve really handicapped myself in the past. I’ve let myself be helpless, I’ve turned a blind eye to my lack of knowledge, and I’ve disempowered myself because I was under the illusion that being taken care of was enough I told myself for years that just being grateful for what I had was enough, and that asking for more was greedy.

Screw that, Sister.

Energy is an infinite commodity. You are allowed to want more. You are allowed to desire. You are allowed to see yourself as worthy.

You are a CHANNEL and ONE WITH THE INFINITE CREATRIX. How in the eff is limiting yourself and believing that if you call in more, someone else is losing out, how is that aligned with BEING the Infinite?!?!

How can you deeply serve this world- how can you give your best- if you don’t believe that you yourself are worthy of having the same?

Poverty occurs because of many reasons. But it is fuelled by a very false belief that standing in our power is somehow disempowering others. True Power is LOVE. You stand in LOVE and you stand to blow the blockages of divine flow for EVERYONE.

Here is the bottom line, Divine Holy Being: wealth is not for a select few. There is no ceiling on your capability to call it all in for yourself and serve from a place of abundance. If you’ve been believing otherwise, or waiting for someone else to do it for you, or feeling stuck while waiting to be saved: it is YOUR responsibility to change the story.

You can start to change it RIGHT THIS MINUTE. You don’t have to have a cent to your name to be able to say, “I am used to making thousands of dollars with grace, ease, and joy. I give of myself fully and I receive easily in return.”

The remote is in your hand, so change the channel on the story of lack. Better yet, turn the screen of illusion off altogether, and step out into the world of miracles! Watching the same ol’ same ol’ just affirms what you know isn’t truth any more.