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Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Change the Effing Channel

The last while for me was a chaotic dumping of insights in the form of painful and a seemingly embarrassing influx of memories.

That seems to be how the awakening process goes for me: I’m feeling relatively okay, I have a grasp on what I’m doing or what I think I want, I’m grateful, and then I make a comment or have a thought about being ready for “more,” and in comes the funnel of “Are You Ready for This?!”


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Catching a Ride with Neutrality

I drove along the snow and slush covered roads, white knuckling it the three and a half hour drive (one that should have taken two hours, thankyouverymuch).  

My instinct associated gripping the wheel with protection from bodily harm. 

I was tense over my being late, and there being no safe way to speed the process of getting there.  

I loathe being late.  Ask my kids what mornings look like as bus stop time approaches.  My voice tightens like my hamstrings after a 20 km run, and I turn into a female version of Captain von Trapp. 

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