Tittle Tattle Wiggle Waggle

This morning, I sat at the local dance studio for my daughters’ dance classes.

I’d managed to grab a seat on the bench— a victory most weeks as it’s a hoppin’ place. My two year old was calm and agreeably settled next to me to watch her sister’s last class of the day. I had a knowing I wasn’t going to have to chase her around this week. My coffee was still hot. Life was looking preeeeetty good.

But no sooner had I self-congratulated myself for being the mom all pulled together this week, when I began to feel a keen sense of claustrophobia.

The first thing I did was check in with myself: Did I eat this morning? Do I need a drink of something non-caffeinated? Is someone sitting too close?

As I scanned through these items, I became aware of a conversation happening within my vicinity that confirmed why I was feeling crushed by an invisible cloak of heaviness.


The people to my left were so blatantly and loudly ripping apart the topic of their conversation that I could feel the weight and strength of their low energy words. Literally.

I think we can all agree that gossip is a common experience. It’s prevalent in our world. We’re all guilty of it. It’s one of the Ego’s many tactics for feeling better about our own perceived shortcomings, and for creating a sense of connection over shared “opinions.”

Of course I don’t need to say that gossip is probably one of the lowest forms of false connection. The energy of it moves from our lips into the world of form, creating a karmic debt or an action that will require a balance.

This won’t be a post about all of the reasons why we should work to move away from participating in all forms of gossip- whether it be reading it, watching it on tv, listening to it, or speaking it ourselves.

What it IS is a suggestion for gossip replacement, and it’s something I have been sincerely taking on in my own life.


Bless those you’d otherwise gossip about. Bless those you’re angry with. Bless those you’re jealous of. Bless those who’ve betrayed you. Bless those who’ve abandoned you. Bless those you feel scorned by, screwed over by, and those you find hard to understand. Bless those who you feel taken for granted by.

When you bless those you’d otherwise talk shit about, you’re actually blessing yourself. You’re actually blessing us all. And couldn’t we all use more blessings? Couldn’t the whole of humanity and the life on this planet use them?

Listen, I know that in the heat of the moment, old habits die hard. And I also know that when you feel hard done by someone, the idea of wishing them well- sincerely- is enough to make you want to vomit.

But at the end of the day, we’re all the same energy beneath the meat suits and the illusions of otherness.

And we’re all the walking wounded, doing our best with what we’ve learned and what we came here with.

If we could love each other despite of the wounds- hell, because of them- we could begin to love ourselves. A person full of self-love isn’t so quick to need to tear anyone else down.

Blessings over Gossip. Try it, and see if you don’t notice a revolution. Try it, and pass it on.