Unnecessary Conflict

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people lately around showing up and speaking out.

AKA “Sharing your Truth.” The good ol’ spiritual community lingo.

These conversations have circled around what happens when someone disagrees with you, comes back at you, or is generally triggered by what you have to say.

What do you do? How do you take that? How do you respond?

Should you just avoid unnecessary conflict, altogether?

Firstly… who’s to say what’s “unnecessary” conflict?

Relationship- which is to say any time we are in interaction with anyone- is a divinely gifted appointment. It’s an opportunity for growth, always. For all parties involved.

If we’re open to considering the possibility that this is true, that every interaction is divinely appointed, who are we to say what is “unnecessary”?

I’m not claiming that we should walk around, flapping our traps, airing our opinions without care, not educating ourselves on what we’re talking about, talking more than we listen, finger-pointing, blaming, looking to piss people off.

One aspect of speaking from Truth is taking responsibility for all of what we feel. No one makes you feel anything.

Something happens, and you make a decision about yourself or the world at large. Often times, that decision is based on an older event that occurred in the past— an old wound, an old trauma. But by and large, when you’re faced with an event or person that triggers you and you feel uncomfortable, own that. Then speak. And release attachment to the outcome- if you’re speaking to manipulate or twist or force a particular reception, you’re missing the point. Love isn’t manipulative. It just Is.

Our intention for speaking matters. If we’re consciously coming from a place of Love— not ego love, but deep love of Self and therefore others— then this only further begs the question, “who decides what is unnecessary”?

Sometimes, Love is expressed in words— softly, sweetly, neutrally, strongly, fiercely, many different ways. Sometimes, Love is expressed in the space between, sometimes it’s expressed in walking away, setting boundaries.

Here’s to the sharing of Truth in a responsible, loving, non-controlling way.
Here’s to taking up more space with love.

Blessings and Love,

PS What do you think? Where are you at with speaking what comes up for you? I’d love to hear if you struggle or flow with this.
Do you take up space and own the love that wishes to come through?
Do you blame or victimize?
Share in the comments if you feel called!

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Tera Sundri Kaur (Laura) is a channel, yoga teacher, writer, mother, lover, daughter, sister, and exists within many labels. She feels most strongly about assisting others to recognize where they’re living in outdated patterns that are holding them back. She wishes to empower her Sisters by holding up a mirror for them to see their most brilliant potential and who they are. For more from her, visit www.rootsforwingshealing.com

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