What Do You Want?

I’m here…

To take up space.
To breathe. Yell. Laugh.
Sweat. Shit. Bleed.
And I’m not going to apologize for it

My fingers hit the keyboard
And the voice in the back says
”You’re fucking it up.
You shouldn’t be swearing.
That’s not properly choreographed poetry."

But I don’t want properly choreographed anything.
Beats per line,
Audience views, audience “Likes,”
Fuuuuuck that. (How’s that for swearing?)

I’m here
For connection
For the truth
For answers
And then more questions.

I want money to spend freely
As I choose.
(No apologies).
I want creative abundance
That flows from my Goddess Given Soul.

I want to Serve
The God in You
And the God in You
And the God in You
And the God in You.

While taking up space,
Breathing, yelling, laughing
Sweating, shitting and bleeding.
Unapologetically, though not all at once.