What's It Really Saying?

What if I told you that your Fear was a super-power?

Would you close this page right now? Keep scrolling? Or be intrigued?

Most of us are so busy lamenting that we haven’t found our “purpose,” or we don’t know where to go next, or we’re broke, or we feel anxious, or we’re overtired, that we don’t stop to consider that whatever it is that we’re feeling is actually the ticket to exactly what we’re here for.

What we’re feeling is the energy that is unfolding in the present moment. As in, where we are. As in, riiiiiight now.

There is only ever this moment.

The stuff you’re stressing over that is coming up this week? The problem you can’t seem to solve? The fight that you had two days ago with your mom? All stuff that’s only a thought in your head right now. A movie. A story you’re telling yourself. An interpretation of a series of events that has yet to happen or happened. In any case, NOT TRUE.

The only thing that is real is whatever is unfolding right now.

The only feeling that is real is whatever you’re feeling right now. Forget what you WANT to feel, and just hone in on how you do feel.

What is it? What’s it telling you? What does it want to say?

I dare you to get still for a few minutes. Resist the urge to scroll Facebook or eat that chocolate or even say that affirmation.


It may be painful, but I am willing to bet you that it’s actually far less painful to just sit with it and accept it than if you kept shoving it down and outrunning it.

That feeling you’re feeling is trying to tell you something:

”Just please love me.”
”Tell me I’m enough.”
”See me.”
”I”m scared.”

It’s a piece of you, but it isn’t all of you.

What wants to unfold from your pain? What’s it showing you? What is just begging to emerge?

I don’t know— you tell me. Feel it, and then let me know.