You, First

There is a lot I could say about posting arguments online.  I've seen a number of them lately on Instagram and Facebook.  People calling out companies they're dissatisfied with.  Flat-out naming names, posting pictures, name-calling, and bullying.  Then of course everyone and their brother has an opinion, so it becomes an all out attack of the village.

Angry key-tapping.  Heart-racing.  Pointing virtual fingers.  Do we feel any better after all of it?

All of this seems a bit odd, given that we collectively seem to state that we want to end bullying in schools and cyber-bullying for our kids.  We're okay to get carried away with our own overtaxed nervous systems, but out of the other sides of our mouths we tell our children that bullying is unacceptable.

I had some insight regarding our opinions, and standing up for the perceived underdog.