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Trauma and Archetype Overview

In this class we discuss an overview of the common archetypal characters of the Matrix of Survival, and a general description of some of their patterns.

The archetypes covered are the Refugee, the Pioneer, the Orphan, the Bastard, and the Starborn/Angelic.

"Trauma" is also defined.

A lightweaving is performed to assist in bringing an awareness to these archetypes as we go about our week.


Authenticity and a Tree Spirit Journey

Putting outside information, teachers, gurus, speakers on pedestals ultimately means we hold ourselves to an impossible standard as well. Because to assume that someone outside of us will always know and will never fail is not only dangerous and disempowering, it also means that we do the same to ourselves and beat ourselves up for being human.

This session also includes a journey wherein we receive insight into three "objects" we've been carrying and are ready to release.


Inner Power

There is a difference between Power used a source of “control” for security, predictability, and habits, and true POWER which is a trust in the essential self and the energy that animates us all. Trust in the essential self can also be seen as an integration of our humanity into our leadership roles or our innate power to make choices in life. In other words, there is no break between “Role” and “Self.”
This session features another look at the archetype of the warrior, as well as the Queen, King, Prince and Princess.

Music in this session:
Ong Namo Guru Dayvaa by Jai-Jagdeesh
Mother’s Wingspan by Ben Leinbach
Clandestine by Simrit

Shame and Care-taking

Why do we feel impulsed to carry the responsibility of another? And where do the stories of responsibility bleed into control or perceived like-ability?

Music in this session:
Laya Yoga by Jai-Jagdeesh

Healing Abandonment and Shame

In this session we dive into energetically clearing and releasing around stories of abandonment and shame.

You are welcome to use this particular practice however many times it is needed or wanted to continue to peel back the layers, heal ancestral patterns, and relationships.


Lions Paws with Breath of Fire &
Past Life Journey

Polarity and the integration of Light and Shadow was discussed in this session.

A past life journey clearing grief and guilt pertaining to masculine and feminine energies, as well as regarding intuition versus brute strength.

Music in this Session:
Ong Namo Guru Dayvaa by Jai-Jagdeesh
Ad Guray Namay by Jai-Jagdeesh



Power “Over” versus the innate sovereign power within. This is what is trusting and in acknowledgement of all circumstances. The deepest (and albeit hardest) work can be addressing a disagreement from this place, because it means we must be willing to see ourselves in the perpetrator.

This session ended with a powerful current life journey, bringing understanding to body-tension and an opportunity to begin to unwind from an old story.

Music in this session:
Naam by Gurunam Singh
Mother’s Wingspan by Ben Leinbach

“What’s in it for me?”

Love versus Perceived Love… aka Supreme Self versus the Ego’s drive for approval. To be in the healthiest form of service is to get clear on that. Care-taking when there is a drive for something underneath means that we are in some sort of a story.

Music in this session:
Clandestine by Simrit
Dhan Baba Nanak by Simrit
All of Myself by Simrit

Healing for Security

In this session, we journey into a healing around the energy we absorbed in the womb of our mother.

You are welcome to use this session as often as you wish, to go deeper into the energy and reset the messages received by your inner child.

Music in this session:
Kal Akaal by Simrit
Guru Ram Das (Live) by Simrit
Pavan Guru (Live) by Simrit


Heart of a Warrior

Discussing the Archetype of the Warrior within the Matrix of Power.
This Archetype is contrasted against the Spiritual Warrior, who is concerned with Dharma, which must be our driving force in life. If we become enveloped in accumulation for the purposes of pleasure and ego without dharma, we are destined to suffer.

Music in this session:
Ad Such by Simrit
Clandestine by Simrit
Guru Ram Das by Simrit

Power in Leadership

How do boundaries and the vulnerability of expressing them play into Power? And what does it mean to lead as opposed to hold power over someone?
We also take a current life journey in this session into the womb and genital space.

Music in this session:
Kudrat Kavan by Simrit
Maa by Ajeet Kaur
Haseya by Ajeet Kaur