Yoga with Tera Sundri


Come as you are.

This practice is yours. You are invited and encouraged to move and breathe at a pace that works for you. Take any modifications necessary, and allow your practice to meet you where you are at. We use yoga to get into the body, not the other way around.

Though I will always endeavour to lead you through a safe and effective practice, you are your captain and no one else can feel into your body, mind, and soul but you. Please do make it a habit to share with your yoga teachers any recent or significant past injuries, pregnancies, recent pregnancies, pertinent mental health investigations or concerns.

Yoga is a practice in which we learn to discriminate between the mind’s fluctuations and protests, and what the body truly needs. Lean as far into the directions given as you are able, honour where you are at, and you will have the experience most meant for you.


A Taste of Bliss: Kundalini Yoga in the Park

ease the inner rage, resentment, exhaustion and overwhelm
to transmute your sea of emotions into your greatest source of power

hosted by Tera Sundri Kaur in Lynnwood Park, downtown Simcoe, 91 Norfolk St. N.

A Taste of Bliss.png

Come home to clarity and peace, within the eye of whatever storm life happens to present.

As humans we want to feel happy and good, but we tend to chase this at the cost of experiencing the steady-state of inner peace that we already are. There is nothing outside of us- no drug, relationship, job, or financial gain- that could bring us more expanded bliss than the essence of what we are.

It takes having an embodied experience, and moving from theory to practical, to develop a willingness to build this inner peace.

Join Tera Sundri Kaur, RYT and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor for a 75 minute practice designed to clear out the clutter and bring you back to simplicity.

This is more than a fluffy new age idea. The technology of Kundalini is practical beyond measure.

New to Kundalini Yoga?
NO worries! You're in loving, safe hands and this will be an accessible practice.

This class is offered at a Pay What You Can Investment.
Bring a mat or blanket if you have one, and some water.


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In-Person and Virtual Yoga Schedule

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Virtual Yoga

Virtual yoga is just ONE of the many aspects of my deeply healing and life-transformative programs within the temple of the Golden Goddess.

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