Yoga with Tera Sundri


Come as you are.

This practice is yours. You are invited and encouraged to move and breathe at a pace that works for you. Take any modifications necessary, and allow your practice to meet you where you are at. We use yoga to get into the body, not the other way around.

Though I will always endeavour to lead you through a safe and effective practice, you are your captain and no one else can feel into your body, mind, and soul but you. Please do make it a habit to share with your yoga teachers any recent or significant past injuries, pregnancies, pertinent mental health investigations or concerns.

Yoga is a practice in which we learn to discriminate between the mind’s fluctuations and protests, and what the body truly needs. Lean as far into the directions given as you are able, honour where you are at, and you will have the experience most meant for you.


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In-Person and Virtual Yoga Schedule

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Virtual Yoga

Virtual yoga is just ONE of the many aspects of my deeply healing and life-transformative programs within the temple of the Golden Goddess.

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Please enjoy these short practices as my gift to you!

Every Kundalini Yoga practice begins with the Adi Mantra. In this brief video, I explain why mantra is useful and why the Adi Mantra in particular is such a lovely practice to set yourself up with.

Align yourself with the guidance and protection of your highest self, your guides, and the Light of the Universe.

This is a simple pranayam from Kundalini Yoga that can take you from self-loathing to true-self in a matter of minutes. Practice this anywhere from 3 minutes to 22 minutes a day and kiss that shame-spiral good bye.

Throw on your favourite chill-out music and sink in.