The Core Pattern Clearing Process

The Core Pattern Reading

You are taken on a journey back to when your core karmic pattern was formed.  From here, the pattern itself is brought to awareness, as are the circumstances and decisions surrounding the event.  The karmic imprint is then lifted from your cellular memory.  You are guided and supported around how to best let go of the residual and habitual byproducts of having lived with this imprint for so long.  It is from this point of awareness that you are able to move forward in life in a more conscious manner, stopping the endless re-creation of newer versions of the pattern.  With your free will, awareness, choice, and Grace, this imprint no longer has the power to hold you back from manifesting and attracting to your life what you both desire and deserve.  What was once something that had you stuck in an automatic way of being, is now a catalyst for fresh choices that bring more love, compassion, creativity, freedom, and inspiration into your life.

This reading is recorded.  The recording is then emailed to you as a tool for you to use any time you wish, as well as a prescription of follow-up care.

The Core Pattern Integration Coaching Session

The clearing process consists of having at least one integration session, once you have worked with the guidance channeled in your Core Pattern Reading for between two to four weeks.  Because you have lived with your karmic imprints for so long, it can be difficult at times to see or understand where the residual effects of the pattern might still be operating.  Old habits of fear-based choices and responses have been an automatic way of being because for so long they have felt necessary.  During this first session, the Core Pattern, now  transcribed, is combed through to ensure that the guidance is understood and being practically applied in every day life. If necessary, additional guidance might be channeled.  

Beyond this first integration, you may find additional sessions useful.  As challenging situations arise in life, as we grow and develop, we are constantly evolving.  The releasing of residual unconscious behaviours and patterns is lifelong work, and extra support is at times necessary.  Learn how archetypal types and behaviours play a role in your patterns, and how to continue to recognize and release them on a daily or situational basis.  

Please remember that when working in clearing any patterns, it is a process.  With the initial session, the Guides clear the pattern and heal on a cellular level.  However, attaining freedom from the residual behaviours very much requires the client to take responsibility in: a) doing the "homework," and b) being diligent of scheduling additional integrations or Oracle readings when necessary.  As I've heard one of my spiritual teachers so aptly say, 

β€œYou can have a breakthrough and a profound sense of clarity, but unless you integrate it and actively apply it to your every day life, it will just be a really nice experience you once had.” 

β€” Jonas Elrod