Temple Digital Bonuses

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These digital audio healing and meditations are available to you as needed.

You can get creative and make them a part of your day however you see fit:

  • lay in bed and indulge

  • listen while in the bath

  • sit in your favourite chair with a tea

  • journey while on your yoga mat— seated or laying in savasana

  • take yourself out on a walk

 Please note that it is not advised that you listen while driving. For Gong Baths, you’re encouraged to listen over the best pair of speakers or headphones available so as it allow the sound vibrations to be physically felt. Gong Bathing while in seated meditation may also be something to try as the Gong is excellent for cutting through mental chatter!


See With Love
This guided meditation connects you with an Angelic guide who will assist with the clearing of your Heart and Third Eye chakras. It is oversimplification to say that any of our chakras operates on its own. Like the physical body, our energetic centres and systems are very much interconnected. This meditation will assist you in using your true sight (the sight of the soul) through the lens of forgiveness, compassion and love.  

Into the Heart Invocation
Use this audio to help settle you into the space of where you truly reside. When we are feeling anything less than desirable, there can be a tendency to want to fix it or run. Healing begins when we give permission to feel, and become a SPACE the feeling shows up in. While this certainly takes practice, this audio guide can assist you to ease into the practice. You may find yourself triggered by this track, or comforted. Or both! It may change for you each time you use it. That is ALL perfect- that was in fact my intention. That the words and sounds be a catalyst for whatever is most needed in this moment.

Gong Bath for Cellular Clearing

“The Gong is the sound of Creativity itself. One who plays the gong plays the Universe. The Gong is a beautiful reinforced vibration. …it is the only tool with which you can produce this combination of space vibrations.” -Yogi Bhajan

Because we have become accustomed to using our minds to build our perception of our reality, we experience our world through layers of stories, patterns, and beliefs. The Gong, representing ALL sounds within the Universe, is a powerful tool that shakes up these patterns and the mind’s automatic ruminations. Yogi Bhajan also said, ““The science of reality is to find the sound and to resound in that sound.” What that means is, when we vibrate without effort at the frequency we wish to be, to attract. A frequency beyond our automatic fear-based patterns. Listening to the Gong regularly and allowing the vibrations to pass through the body can assist us with that.

Dropping in and Holding Space

Occupy the space of the witness for the pain or discomfort in you.
When we begin to “watch” the mind, we come to the experience that we are the space everything shows up in. We are a miniature universe unfolding.
To come into the experience of being the space, we create room for pain and stories to be seen so that they may be held in love and compassion, transmuting in their own time, leaving jewels of wisdom behind.

Manifesting and Claiming Your Full Sensual Abundance

This one is magic.
Activate your sense of natural riches. Elevate your vibration to one of pure potentiality and endless possibilities. Put yourself out on the quantum field.


Yogic Food for the Soul (Bonus Video Content)

Regardless of the political environment, what others say, the noise in your head, the shame/noise/guilt from your past, your fear... etc...

You have an innate POWER and guidance system that absolutely cannot be taken from you.

Let's chat about that.
Let's chat about how we are triggered and how the seeming mess in the world, the patriarchal dominance and the woman's wounds (regardless of your stance) is a gift.