The content of this website, its blog, various social media posts, videos, and offerings, as well as the reasons behind the readings and yogic practices offered through Roots for Wings Healing, are meant for the purposes of inspiring healing, soul growth, contemplation, love, and peace.  Roots for Wings Healing chooses to inspire the choice of Love over Fear.

You have chosen to be here of your own free will.  Being the master of your life, it is you who chooses what you do with the content of this website and any other Roots for Wings Healing social media posts-- be it the guided meditations, blog articles, videos, card readings, channeled readings, yoga practices, as well as any sessions you book with Laura Biddle.  Laura cannot be held responsible for the actions you take or do not take following your visits to this site, studio, or any of my associated social media pages.  The folks associated with Roots for Wings Healing are not licensed healthcare providers, and it should go without saying that your health is your responsibility.

In the name of sharing and spreading Light, Laura has chosen to link to some of her favourite resources under the Resources link, as well as within some of her blog articles and on her social media pages.  She cannot be held responsible for what is said, written, or shared on these sites.  She is simply sharing them as the content at one time or another has resonated deeply with her.