Thank you for your Purchase of the Goddess Rising Program! 

I am so excited, so honoured, and so grateful that you’ve decided to investigate and let go of that which is standing in the way of you OWNING YOUR WORTH!
This planet truly needs our brilliance, our self-love, and our willingness to be who we came here to be. You’re an incredible talent, my Sister. And I cannot wait for you to experience the reality of that.

You are Welcome to join our Closed Facebook group where you can meet the other Sisters joining you on this journey. The Facebook page will also be a place for you to post your experiences, should you wish to share them, and where I will be posting some goods to keep you motivated and chugging along.

Each week, you’ll receive a Yoga practice in your in-box (check the email attached to your PayPal account, email me if you have any concerns or issues). You’ll also receive Reflection questions or assignments to support and enhance your journey.

Ready to rock it? All that’s needed is your willingness to keep going, and a sincere commitment to the practice.

Sat Nam.