Golden Goddess

Alchemize Your Trauma into Treasure and

Claim Your Power, Purpose, and Prosperity NOW!


Divine Sister, I hear you, I see you, and I know you, despite your habit of hiding.

You want to end the maddening cycle of feeling emotionally and mentally drained.  The habitual need to give so much of yourself has taken its toll.  You feel the world’s pain and suffering deeply, and you struggle to shake it.

You want to get out from under your fear of the future and the unknown.  You’re paralyzed by what others might think of you.  You’re sickened by the possibility of messing anything up, of letting anyone down.  The perpetuation of just having your financial needs met is terrifying at worst and feels limiting at best.

You long to feel free and connected to your body, comfortable in your skin, andconfident in your self-expression.  

Despite what the world around you has told you, IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT!!!

  • emotional clarity

  • freedom from the cage of anxiety

  • joyful liberation from chronic stress, exhaustion, and burnout

  • passionate, juicy, soulful connection with your partner

  • continual rolling in riche

Take full ownership of your life like an unapologetic Queen who knows what she wants, does the work, and trusts with absolute clarity in the inherent divine power supporting her!

Enjoy sacred time with your family without going on zombie autopilot, being snatched mentally by your endless to-do lists and household tasks.  
Move through your day radiating your worth and words like a heart-warrior boss- regardless of your audience- without feeling like you could hurl up your morning coffee.

Tap into your creative juices and conjure endless ways of calling in the money, honey!  Align yourself with the rich truth of who you are and express it with vulnerability and courage, and then watch the Universe deliver potent magic in return.

Nurture yourself with efficiently epic healing rituals that renew and re-align you with your body, voice, and sensual experience.  Never again will the words, “I don’t have the time” escape your lips when it comes to self-care!

When we know who we are, and we rise into the full expression of it without holding back, we’re rewarded with realizing our Power, Purpose, and Prosperity.


Imagine, within 6 months, you will elevate and transform yourself from being:

  • confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, and in perpetual emotional agony, to being lucidly clear, nourished, energized, and completely at peace within every cell of your be-ing

  • a resentful, fearful, silent shadow-of-a-victim who continually swallows her words, to a self-love-empowered courageous Vixen who communicates with loving authority, ease, clarity, and confidence

  • disconnected from and bewildered by your body’s demands and requirements, to fully embodied and expressed as your outrageously powerful sexy self

  • apathetic, numb, scattered, full of rage, and enveloped in complete despair, to embodying your full luminous and miraculous manifesting powers, and feeling into the absolute JOY that it is to be who you really are

  • grief and guilt-stricken for continually taking your pain out on your loved ones, to expressing precisely and responsibly where you are at, emanating truth, love, heart-expanding connections, and being a beacon for others to do the same

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Are you ready to remember and reawaken to your Soul’s purpose?
Are you ready to call in the most delicious, delirious
sense of JOY and FREEDOM and POSSIBILITY?!

Just how much have you paid to stay stuck in your old ways of being?

You are RICHER than you know, and yet your habits are costing you everything you have.

Feeling only somewhat deeply, enjoying your life only part-time, going through the motions, keeping your dreams and your self-expression under wraps, being plagued by anxiety…
This is all costing you the chance of living completely engaged and in love with your life.
More importantly, it’s keeping you from sharing what you came here to share, and that is your true essence.

There is nothing like the vortex of the Temple of the Golden Goddess.
Shamanic tools, techniques, and channeling
Deeply potent yoga, relaxation, and breath work
Karmic pattern extractions and cellular healing
Past Life and Current Life clarity and context
Sisterhood and unwavering support
… and more…

Laura’s reading for me was accurate, beautiful, and incredibly comforting. There are few readers that I would turn to in a spiritual crisis, but Laura is number one on my list. Time and again she has demonstrated a powerful connection to Spirit and brought forth deeply reassuring guidance for me. Her readings are invaluable.
— Raven
Get  very clear  on your path.

Get very clear on your path.

Feel deeply into how it would be…

  • to release the shackles of giving a damn about about what anyone else thinks about your life path and choices, stepping fully into Purpose with passionate mojo

  • to develop an unapologetic, unshakeable, and tangible connection to your spiritual guides and Source Power in a way that feels expansive and non-dogmatic

  • to bust through the chains of shame and blame, and create radical forgiveness and acceptance for yourself and those you choose

  • to be the woman you came here to be, in full glorious embodied expression- no more passing the buck, tortured guilt, blame, shame, or pain- just CLARITY, LOVE, and freaking FREEDOM!

If you are feeling the pull of your Heart, an undeniable curiosity or tingle of connection, don’t ignore the call of your Soul.
If you are finally ready to let the heavy drudgery, resentment, anxiety and doubt go, I’m here.
If you are committed to investing in YOU, if you feel in your heart you’re a GOLDEN GODDESS and it’s a HECK YES, let’s chat.

I am happy to offer you a complimentary, obligation-free, 30 minute heart-to-heart. I’ll hold space for you to share with me where you are and where you'd like to be, and I’ll energetically read where I see your most prominent blocks you need to begin to address. If we both feel we’d be a good team to journey together for 6 months, we can discuss the details of that.

Sound good?! Book in below and let’s begin to unwind the karma drama standing in your way.

Laura, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. Your reading hit on so many things about where I am at this time in my life and what some of my struggles are. Rich with detail, it provided valuable insight on things I’m missing as well as double validations for information I’ve learned from previous readings. It affirmed that Spirit is all around me and that I need only connect with them.
— Priscilla

Begin to experience the deepest peace within. Yeah, the cliche kind you’ve always heard about but assumed was just a corny expression.

Begin to experience the deepest peace within. Yeah, the cliche kind you’ve always heard about but assumed was just a corny expression.