Integration Coaching Session

As challenging situations arise in life, as we grow and develop, we are constantly evolving.  The releasing of residual unconscious behaviours and patterns is lifelong work, and extra support is at times necessary.  Learn how archetypal types and behaviours play a role in your patterns, and how to continue to recognize and release them on a daily or situational basis.  

Please remember that when working in clearing any patterns, it is a process.  With the initial session, the Guides clear the pattern and heal on a cellular level.  However, attaining freedom from the residual behaviours very much requires the client to take responsibility in: a) doing the "homework," and b) being diligent of scheduling additional integrations or Oracle readings when necessary.  As I've heard one of my spiritual teachers so aptly say, 

β€œYou can have a breakthrough and a profound sense of clarity, but unless you integrate it and actively apply it to your every day life, it will just be a really nice experience you once had.” 

β€” Jonas Elrod

These sessions are helpful to obtain or re-obtain clarity or a sense of the "bigger picture" when we feel sucked back into habitual ways of being.  Filling back up with a helping of the Guides' patient compassion, wisdom, and their objective sense of why things are the way they are can be just the ticket!  In addition, receiving some prescribed after-care sends you off feeling empowered and back in the driver's seat, facing forward again.