What’s Holding You Back?

Karmic Patterns and Trauma

Karmic patterns, (or Samskaras), are undigested experiences imprinted in our cellular DNA, which in turn form patterns of desires, reactions, and behaviours. They’re not digested because we haven’t released the emotional charge and story from our bodies.

At the time of the event during which our pattern was formed, we either didn’t feel safe, or couldn’t express what we needed to, and so we are limited by that lack of expression. We are also deeply affected by the belief created around the event, whether conscious or unconscious.

In short, we carry the trauma and there’s “issues in our tissues.”

These imprints can be accumulated from past lives, as well as the current one being lived.  

Karmic patterns and traumas form the filters and lenses through which we view our life. This filtering results in the interpretation, or misperception, of events and experiences. The resulting reactions and behaviours triggered in us are usually so unconscious and automatic, that they can become increasingly more difficult to find a way out of.  

It is because of this that newer versions of old patterns are repeated, limiting the possibility for growth, self-expression, abundance, joy, and attracting to one's life what one desires.

The sun in Owen Sound ON during part of Tera Sundri’s Yoga Teacher Training

The sun in Owen Sound ON during part of Tera Sundri’s Yoga Teacher Training

Imagine living your life without that gnawing feeling that you’re being held back somehow.
Imagine the tension, guilt, assumptions, and old beliefs melting away as you experience the limitless being that you really are.
Whatever you’ve been convinced of in the past, you have the right and agency to choose differently.

The impulse of all of the work I do is to hold space for you. In this space, your awareness is brought to the limiting stories, beliefs and patterns you’ve been stuck in for too long, and you are empowered with the tools and support to choose again, to liberate yourself, to know who you are!

Through the channeled programs and coaching I offer, the energetic imprints of your patterns are removed and you’re supported in re-writing your beliefs.

Through the yogic techniques I teach, the mind is brought to stillness, the nervous system re-wired, emotional traumatic residue discharged, and a space created to experience your inherent wholeness.

You’re an agent of change. You’re a creative powerhouse. Ready to put down those heavy stories, Sister?