Karmic Patterns

Karmic patterns, (or Samskaras), are undigested experiences imprinted in our cellular DNA, which in turn form patterns of desires, reactions, and behaviours.  These imprints can be accumulated from past lives, as well as the current one being lived.  One might think of them as filters or lenses through which one views their experiences of life.  This filtering results in the interpretation, or misperception, of events and experiences. The resulting reactions and behaviours triggered in us are usually so unconscious and automatic, that they can become increasingly more difficult to find a way out of.  It is because of this that newer versions of old patterns are repeated, limiting the possibility for growth, self-expression, abundance, joy, and attracting to one's life what one desires.  A person can be left experiencing feelings of tension, frustration, and a gnawing feeling that they are not reaching their full potential, and are meant to be living a life of more freedom and possibilities.

 Empowering you to use karmic patterns as a bridge of awareness to who you really are at your core.

Empowering you to use karmic patterns as a bridge of awareness to who you really are at your core.

The impulse of the karmic pattern work is to bring to awareness one's limiting patterns so that through free will, choice, and with the assistance of Grace, they are cleared and the woundings healed.  From there, one is able to move forward, co-creating and manifesting into the Universe their fullest potential of Love and Light.

The impulse of Yoga is to still the waves of the mind- the incessant thoughts, some of these being karmic patterns- so that one might experience a merging  of the Divine within and the Divine around us.


You're done with repeating the same old stories, relationships, and experiences.  You know you're capable and meant to express big creativity in your life, meant to contribute to humanity in a bigger way, but you're not sure why you feel limited in doing so.  

Are you ready for more joy, self-expression, light, and ease?!    I can help.