Laura Biddle Psychic Medium and Channel, specializing in healing and clearing karmic patterns with shamanic techniques.  Photo cred.  Pierre Gautreau

Laura Biddle
Psychic Medium and Channel, specializing in healing and clearing karmic patterns with shamanic techniques.

Photo cred. Pierre Gautreau

Well hello there, and welcome to my corner of the internet.  It's my deepest hope that you'll find something here that reminds you of your inherent worth, something that resonates, or simply brings you a sense of peace.

My name is Laura Biddle.  I am the writer, channel, and medium here at Roots for Wings Healing.  If I can be perfectly open and honest with you, I struggle a lot with what to call myself!  (Do you find this to be the case with you, too?)  I have so many facets, so many layers, so many "roles," that giving myself a label for the purposes of a bio page or paragraph tends to make me sweat a little.

Know what else I can share with you?  That it's okay.  To sweat a little.  To not know what to call ourselves.  We're complex beings, and labels are tricky things.  They're simplified and structured and neat and tidy.  And I'm over trying to be simplified and structured and neat and tidy.

Because I do wish to introduce myself, what I will tell you is that I didn't always plan to practice as an intuitive.  Hell, I didn't always know what it even meant to be one.  I've waffled in my believe and faith.  If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd one day be practicing as a medium, I'd have called you Out To Lunch.  

Following the birth of my firstborn seven years ago, I found myself secretly and inexplicably attracted to the concept of past lives and karmic patterns.  I sat on the desire for a couple of years, allowing my fears and doubts to talk me out of exploring them any further.  I worried I'd be seen as crazy.  (Though that last part may still be debatable to some, I suppose!)

Eventually, I could ignore the call no longer.  Without fully understanding why, or even what I was doing, I began to train with a wonderfully powerful and insightful healer named Ananda Shakti, of Sananda Yoga.

Following my first training with Ananda Shakti, I developed a deeper understanding around my own karmic patterns, past stories, as well as what I'd always thought was just an over-active imagination!  The awakening to my dormant and repressed psychic senses strengthened and I fell deeper and deeper into a trust of Spirit.

I've had the fortune of learning from other teachers, healers, and intuitives as I've traveled ever further down this path.  Many thanks to Leigh Bowen, Amanda Linette Meder, and Sarah Petruno for their teachings, guidance and support.  You can read more about the Sisterhood I've been blessed to find in the intuitive community here

I have a passion: to teach myself and others what I believe humanity is most hungry for, and what our Mother Earth desperately needs.  I deeply desire to empower whoever I can- whoever I am meant to- to heal our deepest entrenched wounds and patterns.  

It is not about fixing anything.  We are not broken. We've simply forgotten who we are.   

So here I am: Daughter, Mother, Lover.  Writer.  Channel.  Amateur Herbalist.  Kundalini Yoga Devotee.  Birth and Pregnancy Junkie.  Healer of Healers.  Champion of what the Shadow has to teach us.  Student of Love.   

Thank you for joining me here.  I look forward to inspiring you back to the strength, love, and vulnerable-messy-glory of your own Heart and everything it has to show you.

Sat Nam.