Psychic Readings and Sessions


Hi there, Lovely Heart…. I’m really happy to share that for a limited time (and no this isn’t a marketing tactic), I’m offering some 1:1 single reading slots.

Psychic Mediumship Readings with Tera Sundri Kaur.png

This is a rare opportunity to connect with me one on one as I channel through love and guidance for you from the Spirit realm.

I typically reserve private sessions for those who are enrolled in my virtual coaching and healing program The Temple of the Golden Goddess. The reason for this is because I love to go deep and to work intensively with those who are ready and willing.

My sense is that we’re not broken, and so healing is not about fixing anything, but rather shifting contexts, perspectives, and re-wiring old, outdated survival patterns and stories.

My bigger sense is that change takes time. We’ve lived most of our lives (and from a yogic perspective, lifetimeS) with fear-based subconscious beliefs. This is why I created the Temple, where I meet with my Goddess sisters weekly via zoom in group call format. I channel and lead them through practical healing journeys and Kundalini yoga meditation and Kriyas. I also supplement this work with private 1:1.

That ALL said, Spirit is nudging me to open up some availability to those interested in single sessions! When I’m given the sign to close these doors, I will be. Depending upon demand, it’s hard to say when that will be.

I’d love to connect with you, if you’re interested!

Readings slots are 30 minutes long, and we meet over Zoom video call. You’re encouraged to set aside 45 minutes of your time, so please be aware of this when booking your time slot.
Your session is recorded for you to have indefinitely!

Investment is $167 CAD


Here is what you need to know if you’re considering booking:

  • I work for Spirit. Meaning, I will do my best to channel through insight regarding specific concerns and questions, but I cannot guarantee what comes through. This is the way of the Universe: mystery, free will, and surrender.

  • I do not channel anything involving others unless it is specifically related to you; this is only ethical and fair and I respect these boundaries fiercely.

  • I do not predict death or medical issues; if you have illness, I am happy to connect via additional energetic or natural considerations, but your health is between you and your care providers.

  • My expertise is in connecting to the very high vibrational and potently loving and insightful angelic guides (and I typically ask them to deliver no fluffy BS platitudes) regarding karmic patterns; if you are interested in deceased loved ones, I may not be your gal, though they do occasionally come through me.

  • The energy that I channel tends to be clearing on a cellular level— meaning it’s more than just a reading, babe, it’s a full-on cosmic hug.

  • I honour Spirit and our energies, and I don’t do this work as “entertainment". If that’s what you’re looking for, believe me, you won’t get what you’re looking for.

  • Readings are nonrefundable. Rescheduling is of course permissible, given 24 hours notice.

Feel like we may be a fit?!
Let’s DO this then!!!