Soul-growth, expansion, elevation, awareness, and healing.  
Roots for Wings Healing endeavours to empower you to remember and tap into your potential for shifting from Fear into Love.  

Channeled Karmic Art of Life


During these readings or sessions, Laura tunes into both your energy, as well as the energy of the Angelic realm.  Typically referred to as "the Guides," these Spirits are of the highest and most compassionate space.  From their vantage point, they are able to see the bigger picture.  They provide insight, comfort, reassurance and guidance knowing where you have been, and while also desiring for you to feel supported on your journey.  Their ultimate goal is to bring to your awareness your imprints, stories, patterns, and otherwise automatic ways of being that are holding you back from the life of joy you deserve.  

For more information on karmic patterns, please visit this page.  For more information on Laura, please visit this page.

Readings are available both via email (audio recorded) or Skype.  In-person readings are currently extremely limited.

Please note that physical distance between the client and practitioner does not affect the potency of the work or healing in any way, it simply all depends on what works best for the client and their circumstances.  Because Laura is connecting with your Energy, Spirit, and the Spirits of your Guides, physical barriers do not exist and so sessions can easily be performed at a distance- being physically present, or aware the session is occurring, is not a necessity.

Please be advised that the turn-around time from time of purchase to receiving your Reading may vary.  

Channelling for you, while an absolute honour and joy, does take a considerable amount of time.  Because Laura is committed to providing only her full focus for the purposes of channelling, you can expect to receive your recording anywhere from one to five business days from date of purchase, at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Core Pattern Clearing Process

Consists of two separate sessions:
1) The Reading (between 40-60 minutes)
2) The Integration Coaching Session (60 minutes)

Investment of $300 CAD

Integration Coaching Session

(60 minutes)
A face-to-face coaching, channeled insight, and prescribed after-care which might include exercises or meditations.  Please be aware that more than one hour of Laura's time does go into this session, as she does tune-in to receive guidance or prepare the advised exercises ahead of time.  Currently, Skype, FaceTime, (or in-person) is the most efficient way to perform an Integration.                               

Investment of $150 CAD

Oracle Reading

(between 30-45 minutes)
Channeled insight or guidance around a particular question or concern.  Or simply to hear whatever is in your Highest Good and most needed at this particular point in your journey.

Investment of $125 CAD








Please be advised that any purchase from Roots for Wings Healing is an agreement to the Terms and Conditions and an awareness of the Disclaimer.
Sat Nam.




"Laura's reading for me was accurate, beautiful, and incredibly comforting.  There are few readers that I would turn to in a spiritual crisis... but Laura is number one on my list.  Time and again she has demonstrated a powerful connection to Spirit and brought forth deeply reassuring guidance for me.  Her readings are invaluable."


"I had a phenomenal reading by Laura and I couldn't have been happier with the results.  She is blessed with a strong intuitive gift and was without a doubt able to connect with my Spirit Guides.  She brought healing and comfort to me through her reading.  Her information was detailed, precise, relevant, and it resonated within me.  Thank you, Laura, for sharing your gift with the world, and for bringing me information from 'the other side' that I would have struggled to understand otherwise."

"I went for my initial reading with Laura during a time when I was depressed and lacked a zest for life.  I didn't know what to expect and I didn't really have any particular questions that I wanted answers to.  I just wanted some guidance or maybe some clarification as to why I had such a pattern of struggling to be happy.  I have had many "treatments" and attempts at healing this part of me, which usually work for a while, but eventually wear off.  I'll admit I'm not very spiritual and so went to her with a bit of skepticism. 

Her reading was full of positive energy and reminders that I wasn't alone in these feelings.  It wasn't like a huge transformation happened to me immediately after the reading, but there started to be changes.  I could cope.  I felt happier. There was some relief.  Still I expected that there would be another crash, as there usually is after a seemingly effective new treatment.  It didn't happen.  

I've waited quite a while to write this testimonial to ensure there is truth to it, and so I don't put false hope into others. 
 I can honestly say that enough time has passed, that I feel like I have broken free of a deeply rooted pattern of negativity.  Then opportunities and relationships that I had wished for and wanted for years began to come to me and just fall into place.  My depression and anxiety are very manageable. My life has entirely changed in a beautiful, slow way that I could cope with. I am forever grateful for Laura's gifts and for the guides that came through her to help me move forward. "
-Anonymous (Core Pattern Reading) 


"Laura, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.  Your reading hit on so many things about where I am at this time in my life and what some of my struggles are.  Rich with detail, it provided valuable insight on things I'm missing as well as double validations for information I've learned from previous readings. It affirmed that Spirit is all around me and that I need only connect with them.  I will surely work on compassion and love for one another.  Thank you.

Laura, you have a beautiful way of conveying the messages and visions you receive.  You have a thoughtfulness and kindness that come through so clearly in your readings.  You are truly gifted and I am ever grateful for the experience. "
-Priscilla V.


"Thank you!  Exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  I am so grateful for your gift."


"Your reading was so helpful and meaningful to me.  You were very accurate about what is going on in my life and very helpful with the details provided about how I should improve my situation.

Thank you for bringing forward my Spirit Guide(....) From what you describe of her appearance and of her message, I have connected with her before.  Her messages to me bring me so much energy and confidence(....)

few weeks ago, I watched your video about suppressed emotions creating blockages and causing illness and
your video helped me to release the grief I've been holding in for so long.  I'm so thankful to have found your blog(....)"


"What an incredible reading!!!  Resonates to the CORE. Thank you for this gift!!!!!!"
-Natalie K. 


"I listened to this in the tub.  Brilliant experience!"
-Becky B. (Yoga Nidra- available on the Blog)


"When I moved into my house, I quickly became aware that we (the family) were not alone.  It started at night(...) I would get the feeling of someone there or watching me and I would get chills and could feel a heaviness in the space around me(....)  Other family members that visited also claimed to feel something (mainly in the basement) (....) I contacted Laura knowing that she had a spiritual connection and I asked if she would do a house cleansing.  When she got here I showed her to the basement where I felt it the strongest.  While she was connecting with the Spirit I had very intense emotional feelings and could feel a strong energy of heaviness around me.  When she finished it all quickly went away(....) Since Laura came to my house, I now sleep better as do my children and I have no fears or uneasiness while home alone or in my basement.  I truly believe that Laura helped the Spirit that was attached to my house "cross over," and in doing so she has helped me and my family feel comfortable in our home.

I loved working with Laura.  She talked me through what she was going to do beforehand, and afterwards she helped me to understand more about what was going on in my house.  She was informative and reassuring through out the whole process and she did everything with a great amount of respect. 
-O. Walker