Single Yoga Kriyas


Simple Warm Ups

20 min.

Use this practice to warm up the spine, creating flexibility to move the cerebral-spinal fluid for mental clarity. Begin to open up the pranic pathways and oxygenate the blood.
This can be used if you want to move your body and are short on time, or if you want to warm up before another practice, such as a 40 Day sadhana challenge.

Feel free to proceed to another practice on this page, or
move onto the Sadhana challenge.

Music in this practice: Sat Nam by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Getting the Body Out of Distress

30 min.

The exercise set Getting the Body Out of Distress systematically opens energetic pathways and targets acupressure points. It is also perfectly designed for taking us into the body for deep relaxation.

When we work on trauma and traumatic imprints, the goal is find a sense of safety in our own vessels. It takes practice and patience to be able to drop fully “in,” and Kundalini Yoga is a magnificent tool for giving us that opportunity, no matter the kriya. This one, however is gentle about it and a great one for “beginners.”

Basic Spinal Energy Series

60 min.

This kriya is a very simple and approachable one, particularly for those new to the Kundalini Yoga practice. It targets the entire spine, promoting relaxation of the muscles and improving nerve communication. It also improves the flow of the spinal fluid, allowing for greater mental clarity and focus.

Ancient yogis claimed that one is only as young as the spine is flexible. The main energetic pathway or nadi- the Sushumna- is said to run along the spine, through all of the prominent chakras. Practicing a kriya such as this one is an excellent way to open this energetic pathway, allowing for a better flow of prana and awareness.

Meditation for a New Start

15 min.

This is a very sweet, very easy practice for hitting the reset button!
You’ll find it effective for shutting down the over-analytical mind and tuning into
intuition, flow, and receptivity. Use it when you need to mellow out and get out of your head.
Perfect for before hitting the hay!

Basic Breath Series

40 min.

Practicing this breath series brings such a gorgeous state of balance and clarity. It creates an opportunity to observe the effect of different breath patterns, and their relationship to the mind-body. Consciously breathing in these ways releases habitual patterns, allowing us the freedom to “re-code” our thought and behaviour patterns.

Please note that this series does include a section of Breath of Fire. If you are pregnant, you may substitute this section with Long Deep Breathing- that is breathing in slowly and deeply, filling the lungs from the bottom to the top, and then releasing in the opposite direction.

Meditation for Protection and Projection

15 min.

Called the Mangala Charn mantra, this surrounds the auric field with white light and protection. (Think of it as calling to the four directions). The aura is our electromagnectic field, responsible for attracting to us and repelling from us, actions that seem dual in purpose, but it really is about our projection out into the world. What does your presence say about you? How do you radiate when you walk into a space? Do you magnetize lower frequencies, are you leaking energy all over the place? Or are you strong, contained, and calling to you that which is aligned with your growth and expansion?


Caliber for Constant Self Authority

10 min.

This meditation is for the execution of self-authority. That is to say, to integrate our aspects so that we aren’t rebelliously and knee-jerkingly rejecting authority, and nor are we following along, asleep with the crowd.
This is a 3 minute practice of the pranayam, but you are welcome to set your own timer and go at it on your own for up to 11 minutes.

Music in this practice: Into the Now by Karunesh


Quick n Dirty Practice

15 min.

This is an essential group of exercises used to open the central energetic channels so that we can call the energy in and up. Use it when short on time but desiring clarity, lightness, and an ability to come to a greater sense of neutrality.

Music in this practice: Sat Nam by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Breath Series and Witness

30 min.

Using segmented breath and rhythm, this practice creates spaciousness so that we have the opportunity to observe whatever wishes to arise. The pulse of the navel and breath become a warm hug of acceptance for whatever discomfort or displeasure we may be experiencing.


Yin Yoga for the Spine

60 min.

Yin Yoga is surrender. A big part of the game of life when it comes to releasing our trauma and automatic responses.

Yin is designed to work into the deep facial and connective tissues of the body, those that are otherwise neglected during more active styles of yoga.

Optimal health- physical, mental, and emotional- is achieved in a state of balance. This isn’t a static act, it means learning to tune in and bring awareness to whether we need more rejuvenation, heat, rest, coolness, effort, or surrender. The list goes on! We live in a dualistic world, and peace is somewhere in the middle of the extremes.

This class is perfect if you are needing to slow your roll. It isn’t restorative class— it is designed so you FEEL something. But it is meant to be slow so you can in turn slow your mind and go inward. With Yin we open up energetic pathways by way of acupressure.

Meeting the Essential Self

50 min. (including dharma talk)

This was an offering filmed live for members of the free Facebook Group Soulful Activating Creatrices. Featuring warm ups to open the lungs, spine, and energetic pathways, as well as a meditation called Ganapati Kriya. Ganapati is another name for Ganesha, the elephant god responsible for assisting clarity on the path.

Music in this practice: Clandestine by Simrit

Tattva Balance Beyond Stress and Duality

10 min.

Designed to balance the elements within the body, this practice stabilizes emotions, refocuses energy, and powers the hemispheres of the brain and their functions together.


Sat Kriya

10 min.

If all you did was practice 11 minutes of Sat Kriya today, you’d be setting yourself up in a big way! This kriya stimulates all of the major chakras and pumps energy up from the lower centres of the body. It’s amazing for improving digestion— physically and energetically— and it creates a beautiful heat in the body.


Kirtan Kriya for 12 minutes with Warm Up

25 min. (including warm up)

This meditation uses what is called the Panj Shabd:
Sa- Infinity, Cosmos, beginning
Ta- Life, existence
Na- Death, change, transformation
Ma- Rebirth
As you practice, visualize the sound coming in through your crown and out your brow point. This L shaped visualization connects your pineal and pituitary glands, which is essential on an energetic and physical level.