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Tera Sundri Kaur presents…

The Temple of the Golden Goddess

Alchemize your Trauma into Treasure
and Claim Your Expressive Power, Purpose, and Birthright to Prosperity


Begin Here

Before progressing through any yogic program content, please watch the essential how-to tutorial videos first.

Kundalini and Yin Yoga



Choose a single class or kriya.
In and Out, One and Done!


Deep dive into 4-6 class series designed around a single theme.


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40 Day Sadhanas

Join in the 40 Day Sadhana Journey with other Golden Goddesses!

Check out (and try) Sadhanas of the past.


Weekly Live Coaching Sessions & Healing Journeys

Hop on the next Live call for coaching, journeys and healing!

Catch the replays from past Live calls. Participate in the healing journeys and tune in for insight, love, and support as you align with your life force energy.



Digital Bonuses & Community  

Access your Digital Bonuses to compliment your journey.

And don’t forget to get in on the Community forum for support, sangat and sisterhood.