Yoga Classes and Events

Payment, Refunds and Rescheduling

Pre-registration for classes is open for up to 12 hours before the start of class time.  During this "early-bird" period, you can typically take advantage of discount pricing.  Pre-registering is not necessary but is recommended, as the studio space is intimate and fills quickly.   Payment is made online through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay online.

Pre-registered classes and passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.  
If you are unable to attend any classes within a pre-registered series, it may be possible to make up a missed class within the series' time-frame.  This will depend upon availability of space.  If you are wishing to reschedule, as much notice as possible is appreciated, both so that your make-up request can be accommodated and also so your spot can be offered to anyone else who is interested.

Special Events and Workshops are refundable up until one week prior to the event.  

Drop-In payment for each class is due before leaving the studio space.  Cash and cheques are accepted on site, and e-transfers are accepted prior to the start of class at

This practice is yours.  Though your instructor will always endeavour to give you modifications to accommodate your unique vessel and journey, you know your body the best.  Please listen and honour your unique requirements as each moment arises.


Mediumship Readings

Payment and Refunds

For in-person, payment is due in full no later than the day of the Reading, prior to the start of the session.

For Skype and email Readings and sessions, payment is due and expected before a date and time will be scheduled, or before a Reading will be performed and emailed to you.

Payment means agreement to the Terms & Conditions listed on this site.  Payment is non-refundable, though sessions may be rescheduled.

In the rare case I am unable to read for you, a full refund will be provided.
In the case of an unexpected emergency, where I am unable to provide your session by the agreed upon time, I will offer a rescheduled session or a full refund.


Please allow at least 24 hours when requesting to reschedule an appointment.  Of course, that being said, I am a reasonable person and I understand that last-minute emergencies do occasionally arise.  I just ask for your respect and consideration as I give you mine.  I ask that you respect that, just like you, I have my personal and family life, as well as other clients to consider within my day. Your time slot has been reserved just for you, and much preparatory time and energy is invested by me into each session before your scheduled "start time."  Spirit has invested their energy as well, so please be mindful of that.

If you are a "no show" to either an in-person session or Skype call, you will be given one complimentary chance to reschedule.  A failure to be on-time a second time will result in a forfeit of both payment and session/reading.  "No show" constitutes being any more than 15 minutes late for a session.  Of course weather will be taken into consideration in the case of in-person sessions- both regarding the grace time allowed, as well as rescheduling policies. 


Your privacy is respected and will never be exploited. Your contact information, and any information from your sessions and readings will never be shared with any third parties, except when required by law.

Booking and Payment of a session means that you are agreeing and verify that you, the client...

a) Are at least 18 years of age and have not been declared to be incompetent.
b) Are choosing to participate of your own free will.
c) Understand that a Session or Reading with Laura Biddle/Roots for Wings Healing is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric care. Furthermore, that said session/reading is not intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment, it is rather for the purposes of personal and spiritual growth.
d) Acknowledge that any guidance and information obtained from a session or reading is the client's responsibility to ponder over, interpret, and apply as they see fit and choose, both in the present and future. Laura Biddle/Roots for Wings Healing is simply the conduit of information, whilst the client is responsible for their own life and choices.
e) Accept full responsibility for any emotions, outcomes, and actions following a session or reading with Laura Biddle/Roots for Wings Healing.
f) Agree to receive future emails from Roots for Wings Healing. Unsubscribing to these emails is entirely optional by the client.
g) Accept that Laura Biddle/Roots for Wings Healing may be inspired by correspondence or aspects of a session or reading. This inspiration may lead to blog/social media posts for Roots for Wings Healing in the name of sharing wisdoms or inspiring the choices of Love over Fear. Your privacy, as well as details of the session, will always be respected and will always remain confidential.
g) Have read and fully understand the entire content of this page: Terms & Conditions. Booking and payment for a session represents agreeing, accepting and signing to all of the Terms & Conditions. This also represents the waiving of any legal action against Laura Biddle/Roots for Wings Healing for the information or guidance provided in a session or reading.

The content of this page and/or the content of the Disclaimer was last updated on November 23rd, 2017. 
Roots for Wings Healing reserves the right to update and change any Terms & Conditions and/or Disclaimers on occasion. 
As a potential client, it is your responsibility to check back before scheduling each session or reading.