Episode One: The Initiation

Well hello, hello.

The idea for this podcast hit me like a loving bolt of lightening in meditation two days ago. Completely unexpected, title and all. I got excited, decided to jump, and began conversing with my partner about equipment. (He’s my tech guru).

Then today, something super interesting happened. A series of events knocked me right into a place where I felt like I was living the title of my Podcast series. I spent the afternoon feeling upset: alternating between wanting to cry and wanting to rage. Sulking. Knowing full well that I had to surrender and not fight the feeling.

Experience has taught me that there’s no way to escape the sadness. Not really. I can run or numb or bury it with addictions, but it’ll be back. The only way out is through.

I put the kids to bed (apologizing grouchily for being so grouchy). With no intro music recorded, no graphics designed, I threw the perfectionism out the window and sat down at my table. Something told me that I might need some of my own medicine.

I give you: the first episode of Totally Unqualified.

Love, Tera Sundri

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