"Meeting Myself" 

Insights from meditating 2 hours per day.

Kundalini Yoga Practices

New to Kundalini Yoga?  Wondering just what is it, anyhow?  Feel free to try some of the practices below, read more about it here, or look up where to find my live and virtual classes.  Sat Nam!

The Adi Mantra
Every Kundalini Yoga practice begins with the Adi Mantra. In this brief video, I explain why mantra is useful and why the Adi Mantra in particular is such a lovely practice to set yourself up with.


Sunia Antar Meditation
This is a short and sweet practice designed to bring emotional stability, for those times when you feel you're on a rollercoaster of "WTF?!" It's recommended that before you practice, have a glass of water. This meditation works to balance the water tattva (element) in the body.

The Liberated Heart Meditation
A beautiful practice to elevate the sattvic quality of the mind, this pranayam targets the Heart and the immune system so that they work together in harmony.  *Please note that this meditation is not suitable for those who are pregnant and those with very high blood pressure should exercise caution.

Meditation for When You Don't Know What to Do
A perfect practice for when you're feeling overwhelmed with choice.  Still yourself and breathe.

Conquering Self Animosity
This is a simple pranayam from Kundalini Yoga that can take you from self-loathing to true-self in a matter of minutes. Practice this anywhere from 3 minutes to 22 minutes a day and kiss that shame-spiral good bye.