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In the meantime, here are some previously recorded practices:


The Adi Mantra, Adi meaning "Primal," is the mantra used to tune in before every practice.  In this brief video, I explain how mantra can be beneficial and the specific meaning behind the Adi Mantra.

A Pranayam (breath technique) that is useful for coming back to centre and tuning into your intuition!

This is a Pranayam that brings so much stillness to the Heart Centre.  Gathering all of our attention and prana (life force) at this point, we can come to a sense of clarity.  This a useful practice if you're feeling grief, or if you're needing to make a difficult decision.  Be reminded of who you are and go from there!  *NOTE: to my pregnant mamas or those who have chronic high blood pressure, this one may not be for you.  Those with high BP, modify by not holding the breath out for as long. *

The name says it all!  Shake off that energy of self-loathing, and take some time for self-forgiveness.  We're our own worst enemies, but we can also learn to be our own best friends.

This is a short and sweet practice for balance of emotions and energy.  When you're feeling like you could cry "WTF?!" forever, drink a glass of water, and try this and see if you don't feel better.