Payment is due in full on the day of a session.

Please understand that policies set around rates and investments have been carefully considered.  They are there to ensure that the energy, time, and healing work of a session are honoured and respected- on all levels of physical, spiritual, and emotional. As a practitioner, my contributions to the session are respected, and you the client are able to value, appreciate, and fully commit to the healing you've invested in.

Each session, with the exception of Reiki, is recorded and as part of the exchange this recording is then emailed to you.  You are encouraged to use the recording as a key tool in continuing to release your patterns.  The guidance in each session is yours to listen to whenever you are feeling the need for it.


t is best to attempt scheduling a Core Pattern Reading for a time when you will have some opportunity to go within afterward.  Meaning, if you are attending the session in person or Skype, or first listening to your reading if receiving via email.  Follow your intuition on this.  This session opens up a very deep and real opportunity for healing, and it is possible that you will be processing a great deal on many levels.  Heading to a social gathering following the session, for example, is not recommended.  

Following any deep healing work, it is possible to feel different physically as well as emotionally.  Immediately following a Reading you might feel a release of emotions, or on the contrary, a numbness.  Some clients feel a burst of energy immediately as blocks are removed, while others need some time to rest as the energies move through.  Trust that given your consideration and dedication to the guidance given, you will continue to process, heal, and grow in ways that are best suited to your highest good.

To aid in the detoxification process following any session, it is recommended that you consume 8-10 glasses of water daily for several days.  Clarity within both the physical and spiritual bodies is gained when toxins are moved through and released.  Water is also a great energy conductor for Spirit-- both your Guides' and your own.  Maintaining optimal hydration assists you in tuning into the inner guidance from both your Spirit and those on your support team.

Please remember that when working in clearing any patterns, it is a process.  With the initial session, the Guides clear the pattern and heal on a cellular level.  However, attaining freedom from the residual behaviours very much requires the client to take responsibility in: a) doing the "homework," and b) being diligent of scheduling additional integrations or Oracle readings when necessary.  Because we've been living with these habits and patterns for so many life times, it can be challenging to see where we are still habitually operating in them on a day-to-day basis.  Touching base with the Guides can be a refreshing reminder on where we can continue let go of the self-imposed barriers and obstacles holding us back from a life of uninhibited joy and self-expression.  Just as one always has room to learn and grow in any subject in life, there is always room to re-examine patterns and karma, to continue to shift from Fear to Love.  As in any therapy or healing, it is a journey.  The Guides are always available to us for support, encouragement, and enlightenment.